26 July 2014

Murder Ballads and Whiskey on Kindle Unlimited!

All three of my novels are available on Kindle Unlimited! If you know anybody who is trying Kindle Unlimited out (and you enjoyed Preston Black's antics) please recommend these. I'd greatly appreciate it.

If you're unfamiliar with Kindle Unlimited, here's the description from Amazon:
 Your Journey Awaits, Dear Reader

Kindle Unlimited gives you the freedom to explore. Try new genres, discover new authors, and dive into new adventures with unlimited access to our wide and varied selection of books. From rhetoric to romance, or comedy to tragedy, you will find unlimited stories waiting to be discovered. Relive the classics you grew up with, start on that best seller you’ve been wanting to read or try one of the hundreds of thousands of books you won’t find anywhere. Find your next great read today. 

Excerpt from THE RHYTHM OF WAR, Despumation #1

At the moment, I'm trying to finish up a draft of ALL SAINTS, the follow-up to THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK. I describe the novel as THE LIFE OF PI meets THE WIZARD OF OZ. It's Ben's story, and it picks up shortly after the events in REVELATIONS. I wrote THE RHYTHM OF WAR as a way to understand Ben. I knew him superficially, and figured writing this would be a really good opportunity to deepen him. 

Read more about DESPUMATION #1 here: http://despumationpress.com/
Or pick up the eBook or print version at Amazon.com.


02 June 2014

At Heidi's insistence, I wrote the following letter to be read during afternoon announcements to express my gratitude to the Uniontown students who participated in this weekend’s literary festival, held at the Uniontown Mall:

I would like to thank the writers and sponsors of the UHS Tomahawk Talk for their support of the inaugural Pennsylvania Literary Festival—the first of its kind to be held in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The event brought in writers, publishers, artists, and readers from all over the United States, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett sent state librarian Stacey Aldrich as his personal representative. Ms. Aldrich was so impressed by the festival that she offered the state library in Harrisburg as a possible location to host next year’s event.

I would especially like to thank the Uniontown High School students and alumni who visited, bought books, talked to authors and publishers, and participated in workshops. Your presence at this event is what made it special. I was very lucky to be part of a team that consisted of three Uniontown graduates—Matthew Dowling, Dave Slusarick, and my wife, Heidi Ruby Miller. One of our primary goals for creating this festival was to showcase Uniontown and its people and you did not disappoint!

When an author or publisher asked about the kids they saw participating in the workshops I was very happy to be able to say that you were Uniontown students. It takes a lot of courage to be able sit through a class with professional writers—some of whom were more than four or five times your age. But taking that huge step in pursuit of something you love shows that you have the guts and desire to succeed, no matter what you chose to do after you leave UHS.

Many, many thanks,
Jason Jack Miller

10 March 2014

COVER: The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland

What could draw poet,  explorer, loner and paranoid Mykol Ranglen away from the relative peace  of his own ring-in-space habitat?

He has no choice in the matter as one by one  acquaintances are murdered or disappear altogether. Propelled by ever  changing and deepening mysteries Mykol embarks to uncover secrets which  could make people rich beyond their wildest dreams…or tear apart human  civilization.

The escalating quest takes him through worlds of many  dangerous extremes, leading him to confront the deadly alien Fist of  Thorns, extinct species refusing to give up their power over the future,  and those racing against him to uncover the secret first. But in the  course of his pursuit, he must also face his own secrets. And some of  these are even more dangerous.

The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland

Cover Art by Bradley Sharp

Foreword by William H. Keith

Space Opera Paperback coming from Dog Star Books in June 2014

What They’re Saying About The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes

"Mystery,  heart-pounding adventure, and the dazzling wonders of far-flung space  play significant roles in Wendland's breakout novel, all while gifting  us with a mesmerizing tour of alien landscapes destined to get under  your skin and remind you of the very reason science fiction exists: Not  to escape to other worlds, but to find ourselves within them."
--Diana Dru Botsford, author of THE DRIFT and FOUR DRAGONS

Inside are alien worlds and titanic space habitats and a brilliant and paranoid hero, all skillfully blended together with long-vanished galactic secrets. Science fiction… good science fiction, by a college professor of literature who loves good SF."
--From the foreword by William H. Keith, New York Times Bestselling Science Fiction Author

09 February 2014



Of course none of the music of The Beatles is available on Spotify, but here's the next best thing--a collection of amazing Beatles' covers done by a variety of artists! 

03 February 2014

The Revelations of Preston Black Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Revelations of Preston Black by Jason Jack Miller

The Revelations of Preston Black

by Jason Jack Miller

Giveaway ends February 26, 2014.

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10 January 2014

BOOTLEG: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT, February 5, 1999

The days are getting longer, but not warmer. Back in the day Dave would take a break from the band and hit a bunch of small colleges with Tim Reynolds for a series of acoustic shows. This is one of them. Perfect listening for this time of year.

Download the show at Sugarmegs.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT, February 5, 1999

Disc 1 - set I
1. Dave talking
2. Granny
3. Say Goodbye
4. Lie In Our Graves
5. Best Of What's Around
6. Jimi Thing >
7. What Will Become Of Me>Pantala Naga Pampa
8. Too Much
9. Reconcile Our Differences
10. Don’t Drink The Water (This Land Is Our Land)
Disc 2 (set I cont.)
1. The Stone>Cant Help Falling In Love
2. Tim Solo
3. Crush
4. Two Step
5. Satellite
6. #41
Disc 3: (set I cont.)
1. Lover Lay Down
2. So Much To Say
3. Tim Reynolds solo
4. Crash
5. Dancing Nancies
6. Typical Situation
7. I'll Back You Up
8. Watchtower